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  • Condux 08785150 Gulfstream 35 Air Compressor, 35 Cfm (15 Bar)
SKU: Condux 08785150

Condux 08785150 Gulfstream 35 Air Compressor, 35 Cfm (15 Bar)



• (1) Gulfstream 35 Air Compressor, 35 cfm (15 bar)

• A lifetime warranty is available on the Rotary Screw Air End if Condux Shield Works lubricant and filters are used at the recommended maintenance intervals.
• Lubricant and filter should be replaced after the first 50 hours and complete service once per year (or at 500 hours, whichever comes first).

• Weight, dry: 425 lb.(193kg)
• Fuel Tank Capacity: 5 gal.(18.93L)
• Power @ Full Load (hp): 25 (18.64KW)
• Make:Kohler
• Model: Gulfstream 35
• Free Air Delivery at 217PSIG: 35 cfm (1m3/min)
• Dimsnesions (LxWxH): 47"x30.5"x41.5"

The Condux Gulfstream 35® Air Compressor with Integrated air cooler is ideal for the Condux Gulfstream micro blowers. Featuring a collapsible handle, the GS35 compressor is compact, lightweight and easily maneuvered through standard gates and doorways. This compressor provides constant air flow and pressure, regardless of the time it takes to complete the job, because of the 100% continuous duty cycle and rotary screw air end. Above all, the compressor is easy to use, with a stop/start switch, pressure control on/off levers and a user friendly control panel.