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  • Condux 08773501 Aps75 With Hydraulic Arm & Jacks
SKU: Condux 08773501

Condux 08773501 Aps75 With Hydraulic Arm & Jacks



• (1) APS75 w/Hydraulic Arm & Jacks

• Straightforward Operator Controls allow for a very short training period
• DOT certified Trailer
• USB connection to record & download pulling operations
• Rotating arm pivots 15 degrees in either direction
• Easy access diesel engine for maintenance
• Hydraulic tool circuit to operate additional tools
• Comes with standard 2600ft of antitwist rope
• All moving parts are housed safely
• Electric brakes
• Numerous adjustable supports for optimum stability

• Maximum Pull Line: 7500lbs
• Horsepower: 49hp Tier4 Motor
• Remote Control: Wireless
• Weight: 4500 lbs

The Condux APS75 Hydraulic Underground Cable Puller provides up to 7,500 lbs of continuous pulling power to tackle some of the toughest pulling applications.