SKU: Condux 08084360

Condux 08084360 Python Duct Rodder 5/16" x 600'



• (1) Python Duct Rodder 5/16" x 600'

• Comes wound in a 30" cage
• Suitable for pulling back winch line or small diameter cable
• Reccomended for 1.5" - 4" conduit
• End fitting 3/8"-16"
• Includes one threaded end fitting on each end, plus a tapered head on the outward end.
• Condux offers a nuber of optional end fitting accesories for aditional applications.

• Duct Rod Type: Python
• Diameter: 5/16"
• Length: 600'

Python rod by Condux is best suited for less demanding applications. It has strength properties similar to our Cobra rod, but is more flexible. Also, like the Cobra, it has a heavy-duty outer plastic coating to resist abrasions and reduce wear. Includes one male and one female end fitting, and a tapered head.