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Bosch WC18CHF-101 18V Wireless Charging Starter Kit, Mobile Holster and Frame

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• (1) WCBAT620 18-Volt Wireless Charging Battery
• (1) WC18C Wireless Battery Charger
• (1) WC18F Wireless Charger Frame
• (1) WC18H Wireless Charging Mobile Tool Holster

• Be power ready anytime, anywhere
• Charge the battery while still in tool
• Holster secures IDH182, IWBH182, DDS/HDS182, DDS/HDS181, DDH/HDH181X, 25618 and 24618
• Bosch's long-running wireless 4.0 Ah FatPack battery included
• Frame has battery guide rails to ensure proper alignment
• Battery's CoolPack technology delivers 2X recharge life
• Holster made of durable blow-mold construction
• Charger's status indicator lets users monitor charging
• Holster works with Sortimo® mobile shelving for toolless mounting
• Battery's LED indicator that shows state of charge
• Charger's Foreign Object Detection stops charger from activating needlessly
• Charger ensures proper charge and a long battery life
• Frame mounts to any flat surface, vertically or horizontally
• Frame's guide rails can hold battery pack in place vertically
• Single-cell monitoring maximizes cell usage and life

• Battery Amp Hour: 4
• Cord Length: 3 Feet
• Housing Material: High Density Plastic

The Bosch WC18CHF-101 18V Wireless Charging Starter Kit with Battery, Charger, Mobile Tool Holster and Frame includes a wireless charger and a wireless 4.0 Ah FatPack battery so users can be power ready anytime, anywhere. The charger and battery operate with induction coil technology to wirelessly and easily provide cell charge. With this setup, operators can charge the included wireless 18V 4.0 Ah FatPack battery while it's on the tool. This means it charges at the jobsite in the frame or in their truck with the holster. The battery has CoolPack technology, which delivers more recharge life versus other battery packs. The charger has a status indicator, and the battery includes an LED indicator that shows its state of charge. This holster locks in several Bosch 18V tools: the IDH182, IWBH182, DDS/HDS182, DDS/HDS181, DDH/HDH181X, 25618 and 24618. The frame provides battery guide rails that ensure correct battery alignment with the wireless charger, and the rails hold the battery pack in place for vertical storage. Engineered to safely protect the battery, charging current flows to the cell only until full.

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