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Bosch SKC36-01 36 V Lithium-Ion Battery & Charger Starter Kit

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• (2) 36-Volt Batteries
• (1) BC3680 Charger

• BAT838 battery – 50 percent more runtime than previous generation 36 Volt battery
• BC3680 charger – charges a spent 36 V 4.0 Ah BAT838 battery in 45 minutes
• BAT838 battery – CoolPack technology delivers 2X recharge life
• BC3680 charger – cooling fan protects heavy-duty batteries from overheating while charging
• BAT838 battery – single-cell monitoring maximizes cell usage and life
• BAT838 battery – LED indicator that shows state of charge
• BAT838 battery – battery works in the cold down to -4º F
• BC3680 charger – trickle charge for cell protection – 80 percent fast charge, 20 percent normal charge
• BC3680 charger – compatible with 18 V Bosch batteries
• BC3680 charger – smallest and lightest charger in its class
• BC3680 charger – battery-charge indicator with a meter for charging status

• Amp Hour: 4
• Cord Length: 6 Feet
• Housing Material: High Density Plastic

The Bosch SKC36-01 36 V Lithium-Ion battery & charger starter kit features two Bosch BAT838 4.0 Ah 36 V batteries and the BC3680 36 V fast charger. The BAT838 battery delivers 50 percent more runtime than the previous generation 36 Volt battery; when projects are under time constraints, battery runtime can be a difference maker. Bosch's CoolPack technology delivers up to 100 percent more recharge life versus other battery packs. The Bosch BC3680 charger can charge a spent BAT838 battery in 45 minutes, for more productivity and better RYOBI. The smallest and lightest charger in its class powers the cells safely. This unit has battery-protection systems, including trickle charge – the first 80 percent is very fast, while the remaining 20 percent of the charge is standard speed. Another protection measure is a cooling fan, which prevents overheating while charging. This charger provides a charging status indicator, and it is compatible with 18 V Bosch batteries as well.

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