SKU: Bosch HCD2061

Bosch HCD2061 SDS-Plus Speed Clean Dust Extraction Bit, 3/8" x 9"



• (1) 3/8 In. x 9 In. SDS-plus® Speed Clean™ Dust Extraction Bit

• Hollow drill bit – connects to a vacuum system to deliver up to 50% time savings versus the conventional drill-blow-brush-blow anchor-installation method
• Meets OSHA standards for adhesive anchoring – work in conjunction the PRO+GUARD dust system to help users move toward compliance with the OSHA Silica Dust Table 1 regulation
• Faster drilling – provides up to 25% greater drilling speed thanks to less dust and reduced friction
• Great durability – one-piece design offers comparable life to Bosch Bulldog™ bits
• Part of a dust-reduction engineered solution – included rubber adapter and bit works with a vacuum system to manage airborne silica dust
• Faster for anchoring – installs anchors up to 50% faster when compared with the standard hand-cleaning method
• Robust construction – designed for SDS-Plus hammers

• Diameter: 3/8"
• Overall Length: 9.0
• Useable Length: 4"
• Package Quantity: 1

Bosch Speed Clean™ drill bits are built using a solid piece of steel with a dust channel milled to Bosch specifications to extract dust while drilling, creating 25 percent greater drilling speed. The dust extraction bit system saves time, saves money and produces 90% less dust than traditional drilling methods. The bit life is comparable to the life of Bosch Bulldog™ SDS-plus® bits. Solid carbide tips are embedded in a steel head with robust two-cutter geometry enhancing bit speed and life. The Speed Clean™ bit, connected to vacuum system, installs adhesive anchors up to 50% faster when compared with the standard hand-cleaning method. A proprietary Bosch design allows dust and debris to be removed through the milled center of the bit. Dust extraction also increases drilling speed by 25%. A rubber vacuum adapter is provided with every Bosch Speed Clean™ bit. Speed Clean™ is a part of the Bosch dust-collection system that helps you become compliant with OSHA silica dust regulations.