SKU: Bosch HCD200

Bosch HCD200 2 In. Daredevil Wood Hole Saw with Arbor



• 1 Hole Saw

• Bosch-exclusive Turbo-Teeth™ technology for high-speed performance and long life
• Deep cup design, perfect for drilling through 2 x 4s
• Specially shaped, large chip clearance slots for fast drilling, and easy plug removal
• Integrated arbor and pilot bit; no additional purchases needed
• 1/4-In. hex shank for use in quick change chucks

• Length: 2

Bosch Daredevil™ Wood Hole Saws are specially engineered to be 5X faster than standard wood hole saws, using Bosch's exclusive Turbo-Teeth™ design. This exclusive two-tooth pattern delivers faster drilling and longer life. These hole saws provide best-in-class results in wood and plywood applications. They have large chip clearance slots for easy plug removal, and their deep cup design was made to be the ideal choice for 2 x 4s. The Daredevil™ Wood Hole Saws have an integrated arbor and pilot bit for use right out of the package.