SKU: Bosch HC5026

Bosch HC5026 11/16x16x21 Wild Bore SDS-Max Carbide-Tipped Drill Bit



Bosch HC5026 Specifications:
•  Bit Diameter: 11/16"
•  Drill Depth: 16"
•  Overall Length: 21"

Bosch HC5026 Features:
•  Increased flute geometry for faster dust removal and less vibration
•  Bosch carbide rotary hammer bits feature tips that stay sharper longer and deliver more holes
•  Manufactured to ANSI standards

SDS-max WildBore™ Rotary Hammer Bits with Quadro-X™ Design feature a patented extra strength tip for longer life and faster drilling. 4-cutter head provides fast, accurate drilling and true round holes for anchors