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Anti Seize 35010 8 Oz Nickel Plate Hight Temp Anti-Seize Compound

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• (1) 8 Oz Nickel Plate Hight Temp Anti-Seize Compound

• Applications: Any metal connection where an anti-seize is desired; Moving parts in high temperatures, bolts, fittings, flanges, gaskets, keyways, valves, etc.
• Withstands extreme weather conditions.
• Does not form carbon residue at high temps.
• Highly water resistant.
• Resists seizing and galling.
• Excellent for use on dissimilar metals such as steel to aluminum, steel to magnesium, stainless steel to stainless steel, steel to brass, etc.
• Protects against rust and corrosion.
• Resists galvanic pitting on all kinds of machinery and metal fittings.

• Capacity: 8 oz
• Operating Temperature: 2600 F, 1426 C
• Packaging Type: Brush Top

Nickel Plate™ is a premium anti-seize lubricant for maximum resistance to the most corrosive and extreme temperature environments. It has a non-melting synthetic carrier that dissipates without leaving a carbon residue. It deposits a dry film of nickel and graphite to plate and protect surfaces to temperatures of 2600°F (1426°C).