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  • Amprobe 5103770 AT-6010/KIT Wire Tracer Kit with Digital Multimeter
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Weight: 5.2

Amprobe 5103770 AT-6010/KIT Wire Tracer Kit with Digital Multimeter

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Fluke 5103770 Description

Amprobe is offering the ideal residential and commercial electrical maintenance kit. Designed for end-users who need the right tools for inspection and vertification of indoors electrical installations, the AT-6010/KIT comes with the best selling AT-6010 Wire Tracer and the AM-530 True-rms Electrical Contractor Multimeter. Quickly troubleshoot voltage, perform repairs, run new wiring, check continuity, trace and locate wires and breakers and identify wire shorts. The AT-6010/KIT is the perfect product bundle for professional electricians operating in challenging indoors environments

Fluke 5103770 Includes

  • (1) Receiver
  • (1) Transmitter
  • (1) test lead & acc kit
  • (1) Soft Case
  • (1) 12 AA batteries
  • (1) Digital Multimeter
  • (1) Manual

Fluke 5103770 Features

  • Get a CATIII 600V Advance Wire Tracer along with a 600V AC/DC True-RMS multimeter
  • Trace and test wiring on electrical installations; troubleshoot electrical connections, identify blown fuses, check motors and transformers

Fluke 5103770 Specifications

Length 20.66"
Width 13.38"
Height 13.58"
Country of Origin China