SKU: Amprobe 4718977

Amprobe 4718977 ACD-14-PRO 600V/600A TRMS Dual Display Autoranging HVAC/Electrical Clamp Meter



• Amprobe ACD-14-PRO Digital Clamp Multimeter
• Test Leads
• Banana Plug K-Type
• Thermocouple
• Carrying Case
• AAA Batteries (2)
• User Manual

• Large LCD with dual display and low-light backlight
• True-rms for accurate voltage measurements in noisy environments
• Low pass filter for current and voltage measurements on variable frequency drives
• Amp-Tip function for precise low current measurement of small diameter wires down to 0.1 Amp to help with electrical system troubleshooting
• HVAC applications with Temperature, DC Micro-amps and Capacitance
• In-rush current
• Non-contact voltage detection (NCV)
• Audible continuity and diode test
• Data hold
• Auto ranging
• Auto Power Offer
• Low Battery indicator
• Safety Rated CAT III 600 V

• Safety rating: CAT III 600 V
• AC/DC Voltage (V): 600
• AC Current (A): 600
• Jaw Opening: 1.18 in (30 mm)
• Micro Amps (µA): 2000
• Temperature: -40 °F to 752 °F / -40 °C to 400 °C
• Frequency (Hz): 5.00 to 999.9
• Resistance (k?): 6000
• Capacitance (µF): 2500
• Continuity Beeper: < 10 ?

The ACD-14 PLUS Digital Clamp Meter is the perfect choice for both HVAC and electrical applications due to its versatile set of features. Electricians will find it’s thin, light and versatile with thinner jaws than standard clamp meters (only 0.4”/10mm thick). Its ability to measure temperature, capacitance, and microamps are important features for HVAC technicians. The ACD-14 PLUS meter offers thinner jaws over standard clamp meters, allowing access to tight measurement areas and still accommodating conductors up to 25 mm. QUICK AND ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS: Accurate measurement of current, voltage and frequency on all electrical systems including distorted, non-sinusoidal signals (True-RMS function). Amp-Tip is a small wire guide that is built into the tip of the main clamp meter jaws. It allows for precise measurement of low-current down to the tenth of an amp on small diameter wires, to provide reliable, accurate measurements. VOLTAGE DROP TEST WITH DUAL DISPLAY SCREEN: Dual display allows user to view voltage and current simultaneously to assess voltage drop for current changing from zero to a maximum value. Voltage drop test is required by National Electrical Code (NEC) to ensure normal operation and efficiency. It defines the maximum percentage of the voltage drop between maximum voltage at zero current and minimum voltage at maximum current. This assures that electrical equipment and motors are working within specified voltage to avoid potential damage to electrical components. CORE HVAC FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS: Temperature measurement (with included thermocouple), capacitance for start-up and run capacitors, and DC micro-amps for flame sensors testing.