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Amprobe 4560555 AMP-310 600V/600A TRMS AC Clamp Multimeter w/ 3-Phase Sequence and Motor Testing

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• Amprobe AMP-310 Clamp Meter
• Banana Plug Type-K Thermocouple
• Test Leads
• 2 x AAA Batteries (installed)
• User Manual
• Carrying Case

• Measures AC Current to 600 A and AC/DC Voltage to 600 V
• Measures temperature from -40° to 752°F, (-40° to 400°C)
• Measures DC Microamps output to test proper operation of the flame sensor on gas appliances
• Measures capacitance, test diodes, and features a continuity beeper
• Tests 3-phase sequence and motor rotation to ensure proper connection of a motor to a 3-phase system
• Monitors inrush current during motor start-up
• Features True-RMS sensing for accurate voltage measurements in noisy electrical environments
• Amp-Tip function delivers precise low AC current measurements – 0 to 60 A
• Includes a low pass filter to accurately measure voltage and current on variable frequency drives
• Provides resistance and continuity measurement capabilities to verify the quality of electrical connections and the proper operation of motor and transformer coils
• Provides data hold, relative zero, and MAX/MIN/AVG mode for quick analysis
• Maximizes battery life with auto power off and low battery indicator
• Backlit display for easy measurement viewing in bright and dim environments

• AC voltage (True-rms) Range: 0 to 600.0 V
• DC voltage Range: 0 to 600.0 V
• AC current Range: 0 to 600.0 A
• Precise low current AC Range: 0 to 60.00 A
• Micro amps Range: 0 to 2000 µA
• Frequency Range: 5.00 to 999.9 Hz
• Resistance Range: 0.0 to 60.00 k?
• Continuity beeper: ON ? 10 ?, Off > 250 ?
• Temperature (Type K thermocouple): -40.0 to 752 °F, -40.0 to 400 °C
• Non-contact voltage: 10 V to 1000 V AC (50 to 60 Hz)
• Phase rotation indication: Rotation-R for main supply, Rotation-M for motors
• Diode test: Yes
• Jaw opening: 1.18 in (30 mm)
• Safty rating: CAT III 600 V

Amprobe’s AMP-310 True-RMS Clamp Meter offers a complete range of measuring functions for modern industrial environments, motor testing and HVAC applications. The AMP-310 features True-RMS sensing, low pass filters and fast response processors for quick, error-free measurements. The Amp-Tip function allows for precise measurement of current down to the tenth of an Amp, and a third input jack enables motor rotation and 3-phase sequence testing. GET ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS: The Amprobe AMP-310 provides accurate measurement of current, voltage and frequency on all electrical systems including distorted, non-sinusoidal signals (True-RMS function) and variable frequency drives (low-pass filter). 3-PHASE MOTOR AND PHASE ROTATION: Tests allow proper connection of a motor to a 3-phase system. Improperly connected motors will spin in a reverse direction, which may destroy the motor or equipment connected to it. INDUSTRIAL MOTOR MAINTENANCE: Inrush current measurement for motor start-up monitoring allows users to verify that the motor is receiving the required inrush current to support proper motor start.

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