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Amprobe 4416104 AT-2005-A Advanced Wire Tracer Kit for Energized, De-Energized and Open Wires

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• Amprobe AT-2005-A Advanced Wire Tracer
• R-2000 Receiver
• S-2600-A Transmitter 9-300V
• T-2200 Transmitter for Open Tracing
• Clamp-On Transmitter
• C2901 Cordset 110 Volt Plug to Banana Plugs
• C2902 Cordset Alligator Clips to Banana Plugs
• Users Manual

• Detects and traces wires buried in walls and floors, up to 13 feet (4m) deep, as well as in plastic conduit, cable shields and computer cables
• Traces energized wires and locates breakers without interrupting power
• Traces de-energized wires and pinpoints shorts, opens, and ground faults
• Comes with a battery booster to strengthen the signal for more accurate open tracing
• Includes a clamp-on attachment for injecting a signal where access to bare wires is not available
• Does not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment, such as in hospitals and data centers

• Traces energized wires without power interruption: 9-300V (S2600-A Transmitter)
• Locates breakers without power interruption: 9-300V (S2600-A Transmitter)
• Traces unenergized wires (wire continuity and wire grounded at the end): S2600-A Transmitter and 9V batteries
• Pinpoints place where wire is broken: T2200 Transmitter
• Traces unenergized open wires (broken or disconnected wire): T2200 Transmitter
• Pinpoints place where wire is broken: T2200 Transmitter
• Supplied with battery booster to strengthen signal for open tracing: Yes
• Supplied with clamp-on attachment to inject signal without making a contact with bare wire : Yes

The Amprobe AT-2005-A advanced wire tracer is a circuit tracer that locates and traces energized and de-energized wires, breakers, neutrals, and grounds to identify shorts, ground faults, and broken wires. It locates and traces wires in walls, floors, conduit, and computer cables and does not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment. This makes it safe to use in hospitals and data centers. The AT-2005-A includes the rechargeable booster battery pack with recharger that amplifies the signal for improved de-energized wire tracing. This is the only difference between the AT-2004-A and AT-2005-A. HOW IT WORKS: Connect the transmitter (T-2200 for de-energized lines or S-2600-A for energized circuits) to generate a signal, which is traceable by the R-2000 receiver. For tracing wires, the receiver will pick up the signal along the path of the wire and allow the user to trace the path of the wire behind ceilings, walls and floors. For opens and shorts (where wires are shorted or broken), the signal will break or stop as the user is tracing along the wire, indicating the location of the fault. For locating breakers, scan the breaker panel for the highest signal level indicating the breaker that is connected to the transmitter. Where there is no access to bare conductors, the signal can be induced through the insulation of the wire using the clamp attachment (A-2201CE). ADDITIONAL PRODUCT INFORMATION: The kit includes an R-2000 receiver that can work with one of two transmitters. The T-2200 transmitter traces wire continuity and wire grounds on de-energized systems, while the S-2600 transmitter is compatible with energized 9 to 300V alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). An included clamp-on transmitter accessory injects a signal for non-contact operation. The receiver can trace energized wires buried or hidden behind walls up to 13 feet deep. The AT-2005-A is designed for use by electricians and electrical contractors.

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