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Amprobe 3068232 TL35B 40" PVC Insulated Test Leads with CE Approved Alligator Clips

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• (2) Test Leads with Threaded Probe Tips
• (2) Threaded Alligator Clips

The Amprobe TL35B test lead set contains two polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation lead wires with two threaded probe tips and two threaded alligator clips for connecting a compatible electrical test meter to a device in electrical testing applications. The lead wires are 40-inches and have standard probe tips that are held against the conductor during testing. The alligator clips (also called crocodile clips) screw onto the probe tips and have teeth that grip the conductor to provide a more secure, hands-free connection than the test probe tips. The clips have two jaws with a 0.60-inch jaw opening. The probe tips and the included alligator clips are threaded, allowing for a more secure connection than non-threaded tips and clips. The lead wires can be used with testing devices that have universal 4-millimeter jacks. COMPATIBLE WITH MANY AMPROBE PRODUCTS: Compatible with all Amprobe Clamp Meters and Multimeters that have a standard input terminal. Including: AM-500 Digital Multimeter, AM-510 Residential Multimeter, AM-520 HVAC Multimeter, AM-530 Electrical Multimeter, AM-560 Advanced HVAC Multimeter, and AM-570 Industrial Multimeter. AMP-210 Electrical Clamp Meter, AMP-220 Electrical Clamp Meter, AMP-310 AC HVAC Motor Clamp Meter, AMP-320 AC/DCHVAC Clamp Meter, AMP-330 Industrial Motor Clamp Meter and many other electrical test tools by Amprobe. MEETS SAFETY STANDARD: The Amprobe TL35B Test Leads with Alligator Clips meet International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) safety standard 61010 and is certified for category III installations up to 1,000V. THREADED ALLIGATOR CLIPS: Included alligator clips with threaded 0.60-inch jaw opening and teeth that grip the conductor to provide a more secure, hands-free connection than probe tips.

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