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Amprobe 2731504 RC-120S 105V to 120V Closet-Type Remcon Relay Switch

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• RC-120S Closet-Type Remcon Relay Switch
• Instruction Sheet

• Switches AC power on and off using low voltage control circuit
• Built in transformer, no step down transformers necessary
• Single relay can be controlled by multiple switches and multiple relays can be controlled by single switch
• Light #22 cable can be used to control relayor armored cable – significant time and cost savings instead of Romex
• AC Voltage from 105 to 125V
• AC Current up to 6.5A (1/4 HP max. motor load at 120V)
• Frequency: 60Hz
• Safe control switching: 10V DC max and 10 milliamps max

• AC Voltage: 105 V ? 125 V
• AC Current: Up to 6.5 A (1/4 HP max motor load at 120 V)
• Frequency: 60 Hz
• Safe control switching, maximum: 10 V dc 10 milliamps

The Amprobe RC-120S Remcon Relay Switch is a two-wire relay switch using a low-voltage control circuit to turn on or off the flow of AC in commercial and home lighting installations. It’s made for use in closets. The switch is placed in the door running directly to the junction box. Lights turn on when the door opens and turn off when the door closes. The RC-120S simplifies and otherwise complex job by removing the need for complex Romex wiring with standard three-way switches. It is an independent relay that can be controlled by multiple switches and will not interfere with the operation of other relays in a multiple relay system. The unit has a built-in transformer that eliminates the need to wire to a separate step-down transformer. The relay automatically shuts down when the unit overheats and will not burn out if the switch legs are shorted. The relay can control power sources with AC voltage from 105 to 125 V at a frequency of 60 Hz. It has a maximum AC current load of 6.5 amps and a 1/4 horsepower maximum motor load at 120V. For switching the relay on or off, the maximum DC load is 10 microamps, and the maximum DC voltage load is 10V. CONVERT LIGHTS TO OPERATE FROM DOOR JAM SWITCHES: The RC-120S is a closet-type relay switch that converts wall switch closet lights to operate from door jamb switches. Applications can vary from closets, shelves and cabinets. The RC-120S is commonly used in high-end houses, office, labs and other commercial/residential applications. BUILT-IN TRANSFORMER: Each Remcon relay, unlike any other low voltage relay, has a built-in transformer for unit control. Each relay in the system operates independently from and has no effect upon other relays. You can economically install as little as one relay and operate it with as many switches as is desired. SAVE MONEY AND TIME!: The RC-120S uses light 22-gauge wire, saving the time and expense of pulling Romex or armored cable. Simpler wiring eliminates the need to wire back to a separate, low-voltage transformer.

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