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Amana 51560 Specifications:

•  Thickness: 3/4"

•  Radius: 3/8"

•  Carbide height: 1-5/16"

•  Diameter: 1-1/4"

•  Shank: 1/2"

•  Length: 2-3/4"

Amana 51560 Features:

•  Shape the full edge of a workpiece with a bullnose radius bit.

•  Ideal for shaping stair treads, window sills, table and counter edges, shelves, and making moldings.

•  The “nose diameter” is the thickness of stock that can be nosed, i.e., given a full 180-degree roundover.

•  Flats at top and bottom of the cutting edges create fillets on stock thicker than the nose diameter.

•  Must be used with an edge guide on handheld routers or the fence on a router table.

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