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Aervoe 9152 Food Grade Anti-Seize Brush Top, 8 oz


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Aervoe 9152 Specifications:
•  Container size: 8oz. Brush Top

Aervoe 9152 Includes:
•  (1)8oz. Brush Top Anti-seize Food Grade

Aervoe 9152 Features:
•  Meets MIL-A-907E
•  Durable, long-lasting film
•  Eliminates parts wear and breakage
•  Will not harden, separate, or evaporate
•  Does not contain clay or soap base thickeners
•  Operating temperature range between -40°F and 1000°F
•  Cannot be burned off and will not melt or run out after application
•  Brush top bottle has angled applicator brush so entire contents can be removed
•  Protects parts under extreme heat, cold, pressure, steam, and salt water exposure
•  Protects against corrosion, seizing, rust, galling, galvanic pitting, and carbon fusing
•  Contains the maximum blend of metallic boundary lubricants, homogenized into a specially designed semi-synthetic lubricating grease
•  For nuts, bolts, screws, sprockets and chains, brake assemblies, gaskets, valve assemblies, pump mountings, threaded surfaces, conveyors, winches, and manifold surfaces.

Crown's food grade anti-seize is designed to lubricate and protect most metals from corrosion and seizing.

WARNING Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm –