SKU: Aervoe 9152

Aervoe 9152 8 oz. Food Grade Anti-Seize, Brush Top



• (1) 8 oz. Lubricant

• Will not harden, separate, or evaporate
• Protects parts under extreme heat, cold, pressure, steam, and salt water exposure
• Protects against corrosion, seizing, rust, galling, galvanic pitting, and carbon fusing
• Contains a premium white paste containing zinc oxide
• Cannot be burned off and will not melt or run after application
• Provides excellent lubricity and better make-up and breakout torque
• Durable, long-lasting film
• Does not contain clay or soap base thickeners
• Eliminates parts wear and breakage
• Meets MIL-A-907E
• Brush top bottle has an angled applicator brush so the entire contents can be removed
• For use in manufacturing facilities
• Do not use on electrical equipment or machinery while in operation

• Container Size: 8 oz.
• Net Weight: 8 oz.

Lubricate and protect most metals from corrosion and seizure.