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SKU: Aervoe 863

Aervoe 863 14 oz. Jet Force Wasp & Hornet Killer Spray - Aerosol



• (1) 14 oz. Wasp & hornet killer

• Fast-acting hornet & wasp spray.
• USDA F-2
• Sprays up to 20 feet; pinpoint stream reaches dense and hard to reach cracks and crevices
• High-delivery valve for complete saturation
• High percentage of active ingredient ensures the best knockdown and kill rate
• GHIh dielectric strength of 41kV/mm
• EPA Reg. No. 706-109
• Lasting residual deposit prevents re-infestation for weeks
• Approved for sale in California

• Container Size: 20 oz.
• Net Weight: 14 oz.
• Appearance: Transparent.
• Color: Amber
• Odor: Strong
• Dry Schedule: Not applicable
• Benefits: The long stream spray pattern allows operator to maintain a safe distance while terminating stinging insects. The spray can reach nests located in hard to reach dense areas, cracks, and crevices up to 20 feet away. Lasting residual deposits prevent re-infestation for weeks. Will not harm most plastics. High dielectric strength of 41 kV (per ASTM D-877-87) provides safety when spraying near electrical wires. Contains no ozone depleting substances. E.P.A. registered (see specifications).
• Applications: utility meters/boxes, eaves, telephone poles, shrubs, fences, and window and door frames.

Claire Wasp & Hornet Killer is a powerful aerosol product that can be used both indoors (attics, and other places where nests are built), and outdoors. It sprays 20 feet, saturating nests instantly. Eliminates hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, flies, mosquitos, and flying moths on contact. Contains a high concentration of petroleum distillates for maximum effectiveness. Active ingredients include: Tetramethrin[(1-Cyclohexane-1,2dicarboximido)methyl2,2-dimethyl-3-(2-methylpropenyl) cyclopropanecarboxylate] 0.200%. 3-Phenoxybenzyl(IRS, 3RS; IRS, 3SR)-2,2-dimethyl-3-(2-methylprop-1enyl) cyclopropanecarboxylate 0.125%.