SKU: Aervoe 8260

Aervoe 8260 15 oz. Heavy Duty Off-Line Citrus Cleaner and Degreaser



• (1) 15 oz. Cleaner

• Citrus based
• Wipes off without rinsing
• Does not leave a residue
• For use in manufacturing facilities
• Do not use on electrical equipment or machinery while in operation
• A heavy-duty, citrus-based cleaner that is safe on most plastics.

• Container Size: 20 oz.
• Net Weight: 15 oz.
• Appearance: Non-foaming liquid
• Color: Clear Odor: Citrus
• Benefits: This non-chlorinated product rinses off grease and grime easily. Will not leave behind a solvent film or residue.
• Applications: Use to remove dirt, moisture, dust, flux, or oxides from the internal components of electronic precision equipment such as circuit boards, and the internal components of electronic devices, including but not limited to, radios, CD players, DVD players and computers. Safe for use on most plastics and metals.

Off-Line Citrus Cleaner is a non-chlorinated, BioPreferred solvent cleaner that acts quickly, but stays on the surface long enough to dissolve dirt and grease. This cleaner uses a blend of citrus oil derived solvents and highly refined naphthas to provide the very best in heavy duty cleaning.