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Aervoe 8036 Food Grade Silicone Lube USDA H-1, 16 oz

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Aervoe 8036 Specifications:
•  Container size: 16 oz. (10.5-oz. fill)

Aervoe 8036 Includes:
•  (1)16 oz.(10.5-oz. fill)Food Grade Silicone Lube

Aervoe 8036 Features:
•  USDA H-1
•  4% Silicone formula
•  Odorless, colorless, non-staining, dry residual film
•  Prevents sticking and won't transfer to end parts
•  Will not interfere with carton sealing, bottle capping, other food preparation operations
•  Will not harm paint, metal, wood surfaces, and most plastics
•  Separates from water even under acid/alkali conditions
•  Waterproofs ignition systems
•  Dielectric strength of 35kV/mm
•  Metal hinges, plastic rollers, guide rails, slides, or anything that sticks. Can also be used on air tables and on food preparation equipment such as dough mixers, food racks, knives, slicing machines, guards, saws, etc.

A low viscosity silicone lubricant that eliminates squeaks and insulates and waterproofs electrical parts.

WARNING Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm –