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Aervoe 7045 12 oz. High-Grade Open Gear and Wire Rope Lube

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Aervoe 7045 Description

This high-grade asphaltic grease won’t become brittle and is not affected by weather. Has outstanding adhesive properties. A tough and pliable oxidized asphalt and petroleum oil lubricant with extra adhesion properties for demanding applications. Works at temperatures from 0° to 160°F (-18°F to 71°C)The dark color and foaming action ensures total uniform coverage. For industrial use in manufacturing facilities. Not for retail sale.

Aervoe 7045 Includes

  • (1) 12 oz. Wire and rope lube

Aervoe 7045 Features

  • High-grade asphaltic grease won’t become brittle, is not affected by weather and excellent adhesion.
  • Minimizes internal friction
  • Displaces water to provide excellent rust and corrosion protection
  • Prevents metal bearing surfaces from becoming crazed and brittle
  • Withstands extreme pressure with maximum adhesion
  • Withstands washdowns; migrates on metal surfaces to the core of wire rope and sprint windings
  • Performs at temperatures between 0°F and 160°F (-18°C and 71°C)
  • For use in manufacturing facilities

Aervoe 7045 Specifications

Container Size 16 oz.
Net Weight 12 oz.
Appearance Foamy thick sticky liquid
Color Black
Odor Hydrocarbon
Benefits This product reduces wear and noise, waterproofs, and penetrates deep into metal pores for complete lubrication. Protects against rust and corrosion in both indoor and outdoor environments. This lubricant withstands extreme temperatures and pressure. Will not become brittle or breakdown under prolonged use. Does not weather or wash away.
Applications wire rope, exposed gears, winches, roller chains, elevator cables, conveyor rolls, draglines, and anywhere that lubrication and superior mastic properties are desired. Do not use on electrical equipment or machinery while in operation.