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Aervoe 7043 12 oz. High-Grade Wire Rope, Chain and Cable Lube

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Aervoe 7043 Description

A high-grade lubricating oil that is fortified with molybdenum disulfide to penetrate inaccessible areas where temperature and stress will break down ordinary lubricants. A molybdenum-fortified, high-performance, petroleum-based lubricant for extreme pressure and temperature applications. Increases chain and wire rope life.

Aervoe 7043 Includes

  • (1) 12 oz. Wire rope, chain and cable lube

Aervoe 7043 Features

  • Excellent water displacing characteristics provide corrosion protection
  • Excellent metal penetration
  • Travels deep into wire ropes and exposed gearboxes, and along cabling
  • Dark gray color allows easy visibility
  • Will not wash away or rub off
  • Reduces wear and increases chain life
  • Performs at temperatures between -20°F and 300°F (-29°C and 149°C)
  • FALEX E.P. Test Fallen Load to 4,500 lbs.

Aervoe 7043 Specifications

Container Size 16 oz.
Net Weight 12 oz.
Appearance Non-foaming thick liquid / grease
Color Black
Odor Mild hydrocarbon
Benefits Penetrates deep to reduce the stress and wear during start-up and normal use. Travels deep into wire ropes, exposed gear boxes and along cabling. Reduces wear and increases chain life. Excellent water displacing characteristics. 360° Spray allows application in any direction.
Application chain drives and pins, open gearing, sprockets, wire ropes, bushings, roller, clippers, cables, hoists, conveyors, and other metal surfaces. Do not use on electrical equipment or machinery while in operation.