SKU: Aervoe 6001

Aervoe 6001 12 oz. Blue Toolmaker’s Ink



• (1) 12 oz. Toolmaker’s ink

• Blue layout fluid for tool and die making.
• Dries instantly; will not peel, flake, or rub off
• Ultimate coverage for accurate scribing without glare
• Excellent adhesion to all metals, aluminum and glass
• Easily removed with #6095 Toolmaker’s Ink Remover
• Heat resistant, non-corrosive formula

• Container Size: 16 oz.
• Net Weight: 12 oz.
• Appearance: Blue transparent film
• Benefits: Will provide excellent adhesion to metal, glass, or plastic. You can scribe the surface using a shop tool within 5 minutes of application. Toolmaker's Ink is easily removed with 6095 Toolmaker's Ink Remover.
• Applications: tool and die making, pattern making, machining, templates, machined parts, and maintenance mechanicals.

Specially formulated blue layout fluid is used in tool and die making, pattern making, machining and other related applications. Toolmaker's Ink enables you to perform accurate scribing without glare. It is a fast drying film that won't peel, flake or rub off.