SKU: Aervoe 415

Aervoe 415 15 oz. Off Line Contact Cleaner HD



• (1) 15 oz. Contact cleaner

• Quick, penetrating action, leaves no residue
• Plastic-safe
• Effectively removes grease, oil, dirt, and other contaminants, displaces water and moisture
• Unique wetting action cleans the finest of instruments
• Includes extension tube for precision application
• For use in manufacturing facilities

• Container Size: 20 oz.
• Net Weight: 15 oz.
• Appearance: Thin, non-foaming
• Color: Colorless, transparent
• Odor: Mild alcohol
• Benefits: Use this highly refined cleaner on high-tech electronic hardware PCBs and PWBs. With the extension tube attached, you may access hard to reach crevices and apply high pressure. A unique wetting action cleans the finest instruments, contacts, relays, precision mechanical/ electrical solenoids and other delicate hardware. An excellent water or moisture displacer.
• Applications: metal, plastics, rubber, and glass surfaces. Do not use on energized equipment or equipment in operation.

This fast evaporating cleaner is highly refined and designed for use on high-tech electronic hardware, PCBs and PWBs.