SKU: Aervoe 311

Aervoe 311 12 oz. Gold DTM Rust Proof Enamel Any-Way Paint



• (1) 12 oz. Spray paint

• 360° application
• Adheres to any surface
• Lasting protection against corrosion, light abrasion, weathering, and mild chemical fumes
• VOC and MIR compliant
• High gloss, high-hide coverage
• Can be applied over sound rusted areas
• Lead-free
• Primer not required but recommended over bare steel

• Color: Gold
• Container Size: 16 oz.
• Net Weight: 12 oz.
• Benefits: This high quality industrial coating is VOC and MIR compliant and provides good resistance to moderate environments including rain, fog, moisture. Excellent temperature resistance to 200°F; 200° to 300°F (93°to 149°C) slightly darkening. Excellent high gloss appearance, highhide coverage (with or without primer) that provides corrosion protection especially on metal surfaces. Can be applied to any surface including plastic and over sound rusted areas; loose flakes, dirt, grease, oils, other surface contaminants or particles should be removed first with a wire brush and chemical cleaning. The aerosol's Spray-Any-Way valve allows application in any direction, including upside down.
• Applications: Ideal for equipment maintenance and O.E.M. production. Exceeds many performance standards of nationally recognized brands. Use on metal, wood, plastic, and other common surfaces including nonporous plaster. Excellent for use on motors, tools, cabinets, pipelines, drums, conduit, ducts, furniture, steel bars, railings, tool boxes and electrical equipment.

A high-quality, rust proofing, industrial maintenance enamel coating formulated for light to moderate interior/exterior exposures. Sprays in any direction and adheres to any surface. (Formerly Rust Proofing Solvent-Based Paint). This product offers lasting protection against corrosion, light abrasion, weathering and mild chemical fumes. Aerosol is designed to spray in any direction. Adheres to any surface.