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Aervoe 1164 Super Road Single Flare with Amber LEDs, Safety Yellow

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Aervoe 1164 Description

The Aervoe Super Road Flare is a reliable and versatile warning device ideal for identifying road hazards, signaling for help, marking detours, and aiding emergency responders. An advanced version of standard LED flare, it contains 24 LED lights in two rows providing double light output visible up to two miles. The Aervoe Super Road Flare is made of crush-proof polycarbonate plastic material ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Its powerful magnet allows it to attach to any magnetic metal surface. It features a safe design with its water-proof, impact-resistant housing and a rubber-tight seal. Available in two color variations and package options, it suits most safety requirements.

Aervoe 1164 Includes

  • (1) 24-LED Super Road Flare
  • (1) 120V Wall Charger
  • (1) 12V Car Charger
  • (1) Storage Bag

Aervoe 1164 Features

  • Choice of color and package
  • 24 LED lights in two rows for 2-mile visible light range
  • Safe design with rubber-tight seal
  • Allows 7 different flash patterns such as SOS Rescue Morse Code
  • Optional 2 Flex Fit tripods for elevation
  • Durable with crush-proof polycarbonate plastic material
  • Water-proof and impact-resistant housing
  • Powerful magnet attaches to any magnetic metal surface
  • Optional storage bag or charging case
  • Complies with California VOC emission guideline

Aervoe 1164 Specifications

Color Safety Yellow
Materials Polycarbonate Plastic
Temperature Range 14°F - 122°F (-10 °C – 50°C)
Length 10"
Width 8.6"
Height 14.5"
Power Source Rechargeable Battery
Voltage 120V
Brightness 2 Miles Light Visible Range
Light Output 7 Flash Pattern