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Ridgid 72963 SeekTech® Inductive Signal Clamp

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SeekTech Inductive Signal Clamp 72963 Description

The RIDGID SeekTech Inductive Signal Clamp accessory allows users to apply a signal to a cable or pipe that is 119 mm (4.7 in.) or less in diameter when it is not possible to connect transmitter leads directly to the target conductor. When its jaws are closed around the cable or pipe, the clamp couples the transmitted signal onto the conductor by induction. Once the signal is applies to a conductor, it can be traced using a compatible receiver, such as the SeekTech SR-20, SR-24 or SR-60.

SeekTech Inductive Signal Clamp 72963 Features

  • Induces a signal onto a cable or pipe less than 119 mm (4.7 in) in diameter
  • Compatible with all RIDGID SeekTech line transmitters, including the ST-305, ST-305R, ST-33Q+, and ST-510
  • Additionally compatible with any comparable line transmitter which has a 10 watt or less maximum output power if frequency is under 45 kHz, and a 1 watt maximum if above 45 kHz
  • Can be used with frequencies from 8 kHz to 262 kHz
  • Removable and easy to store coiled cord
  • Ergonomic handle for easy opening and closing
  • Convenient pull tab for opening and closing in tight spaces

SeekTech Inductive Signal Clamp 72963 Specifications

Weight 0.5 kg (1.1 lb)
Height 264 mm (10.4 in)
Width 148 mm (5.8 in)
Depth 36.8 mm (1.5 in)
Inside Diameter 119 mm (4.7 in)
Cord Length 0.75 m (2.5 ft)
Power Source Line transmitter with 10 watt or less max output power with frequency < 45 kHz, or 1 watt max if > 45 kHz
Frequencies 8 kHz to 262 kHz