SKU: 3M 19341

3M 19341 903 Safety-Walk Rubber Hand Roller



• (1) Roller

• Handle and shape gives comfort and efficiency
• Rubber roller wont damage tape or surrounding surfaces
• Hand roller will fit into small spaces and covers wide treat in a few passes
• Roller will ensure a firm bond to clean, dry surfaces

• Diameter: 1.375"
• Length: 6"
• Width: 2"
• Material: Rubber
• Handle Material: Wood

3M Safety-Walk Rubber Hand Roller will securely bond the adhesive-backed anti-slip tapes and threads to smooth surfaces. It has a length of 6 inches and the roller measures 1.375 inches in diameter by 2 inches wide. Due to its size, it can fit into small spaces, while at the same time it covers wide tread strips with very few passes. The product features a wooden handle that is shaped and sized to give the user the utmost comfort and efficiency. Its rubber roller surface will not damage the tape or typical surrounding surfaces. The roller will ensure firm bonding to clean, dry surfaces.