SKU: 212 Performance NTG-05-010

212 Performance NTG-05-010 Nitrile 5ml Black Large Gloves, 100 Pack



• (100) Nitrile Gloves

• Fully Textured for Extreme Grip
• 5mil Thickness for Elastic Protection that Doesn't Break
• Colored Black to Easily Identify Expired Gloves
• Ambidextrous for Easy And Quick On And Off Use
• Powder Free to Avoid Unnecessary Residue
• 100 Gloves Per Box (Count By Weight)

Our 212 Nitrile Disposable gloves are perfect for all of your tasks that demand extreme fit and feel. It's practically like wearing a second layer of skin! This fully textured, powder free beast lets you grip, feel and wrench your way to a job well done. Nitrile disposable gloves are also a great solution when avoiding a latex allergy.