Wood's Powr-Grip 97680 MRPT89AC 120V 1000Lb Manual Rotator And Power Tilter

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Equipped with powered 90° tilt and continuous 360° rotation,
•this Powr-Grip® vacuum lifter's economy and versatility
•have made it the industry standard.
•MRPT89AC Vacuum Lifter shown with optional Telescoping Vacuum Pad Arms, Vacuum Loss Warning Buzzer and Individual Vacuum Pad Shutoffs
•Standard Vacuum Pad Spread:
•29-1/4" x 59" [740 x 1502 mm]
•Number / Size of Vacuum Pads:
•8 / 9" [23 cm] diameter vacuum pads
•Load Capacity:
•1000 lbs [455 kg]
•Weight of Vacuum Lifter:
•278 lbs [126 kg]
•Standard Operating Power:
•120 volts AC, 60 hertz, 12 amps
•Apply / Release Times:
•4 seconds / 3 seconds (approx)
•Load Movement:
•Manual rotation, 360° edgewise, with locking at each quarter point
•Power tilt, 90° between upright and flat
•Time for 90° Tilt:
•9 seconds (approx)
•Tilt Duty:
•60 tilts per hour
•Standard Features:
•Green lift light
•Movable control pendant
•Vacuum gauge
•Vacuum reserve tank
•Vacuum line filter
•Spring-mounted vacuum pads
•Twist-lock electrical plug
•Blow-off for quick release
•Available Options:
•12-Volt/DC vacuum system (MRPT89DC)
•Integrated hoist with ergonomic controls (IHO2EC)
•High-duty tilt with speed control (LB1ETO)
•12-Volt/DC vacuum back-up system (EO1DCB)
•Vacuum loss warning buzzer (EO3VLW)
•Voltage adaptation (EO6VA)
•Individual vacuum pad shutoffs (CM1COWB)
•Telescoping vacuum pad arms (CF3TAO)
•Removable vacuum pad arms (CF2EAO)
•Interchangeable vacuum pad frames (CF1IFO)
•Movable vacuum pad mounts (CM2SCM)
•Air (venturi) power system (PFHL89AIRS and PFHS89AIRS)
•(*Specifications may not be as listed above. Please contact us for more information.)
•Available Options:
•Dual vacuum system (EO10DVS)
•Vacuum loss warning buzzer (EO3VLW)
•Individual vacuum pad shutoffs (CM1COWB)
•Voltage adaptation (EO6VA)
•Movable control pendant (EO9RP)
• (Available on DC lifters only)
•10" [25 cm] dia. lipped vacuum pads (HV11)
• (Specifications not as listed above. Please contact us for more informationon.)
•Closed cell foam vacuum pad rings (FRHV11)
• (Available with HV11 vacuum pads only.)
•Special sizes and capacities
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