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Part Number: 251-3-02 UPC: 783965035972 Weight: 62


Weatherguard 251-3-02 Specifications:

•  For Van Models: Full-Size Ford and Dodge

•  Maximum Ladder Weight: 75 lbs.

•  Mounting: Mounts to rain gutters

Weatherguard 251-3-02 Features:

•  Long-Lasting Design — lightweight aluminum frame keeps rust at bay for a long-lasting, professional appearance. Rustproof stainless steel fasteners and non-metallic bushings eliminate bi-metal corrosion.

•  Stow And Secure — interlocking ladder supports ensure ladders stay in place when stowed. Ladders can be padlocked for added security.

•  Ergonomic Drive Arm — telescoping lever extends to fit your reach. Extra-strength handle, lever and hinge hardware provide maximum durability and ease of use.

•  EZ-GLIDE System Hydraulic Cylinder — provides a smooth, quiet and effortless descent. Zero-impact drop reduces noise and equipment wear.

•  The essential EZ-GLIDE System rack comes with a drop-down system on the passenger side and a standard ladder rack on the driver's side.

No more climbing your van before you climb your ladders. With just a twist of a lever, the EZ-GLIDE System delivers your ladder to the right spot for back-saving loading and unloading. And when the work is done, another twist is all it takes to have the ladder packed away and ready to roll. The quickest, easiest and safest drop-down ladder rack system available, the EZ-GLIDE System also has a long-lasting aluminum frame design and interlocking supports that ensure your ladders stay in place when stowed.

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