Techniche Cooling Apparel

fight against Heat Stress. This lightweight vest uses patented Hyperkewl Fabric to deliver super effective cooling to all key parts of the body's core. The lightweight vest can be activated with

    • Evaporative Cooling Vests

      The HyperKewl Blue Evaporative Cooling Sport Vest is the frontline in the fight against Heat Stress. This lightweight vest uses Patented HyperKewl™ Fabric to deliver Super Effective Cooling to all key parts of the body's core. The Lightweight vest can be activated with as little as a 2-3 minute soak and will offer active cooling for 5-10 hours. The Water Resistant innter liner keeps the wearer dry while being cooled.

    • HyperKewl™ Fabric

      Techniche evaporative vests utilize a combination of specialized fabrics and fibers that create an advanced water management system. This unique HyperKewl™ fabric absorbs, stores, and releases water within the multi-layered structure. Water is "released" through evaporation, energy is consumed, and a chill effect is created. This process actually cools the body exactly the same way the body cools itself... through evaporation, only supercharged.

    • How it Works

      To activate Techniche cooling products, simply submerge the item in water for 1-2 minutes allowing the HyperKewl™ fabric to absorb the water. Gently squeeze out any excess water, wipe dry and the garment is ready to wear. The garment will remain activated for hours. Instead of capturing water with crude super-absorbent powders, these vests use specially designed fibers to provide uniform absorption and cooling.

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    • Phase Change Cooling Vests

      Techniche phase change vests are designed to provide targeted temperature cooling using advanced Phase Change Cooling Inserts. These inserts are activated by exposing them to any condition below their Phase Change Temperature, such as a freezer or icebox. Once activated, users experience up to 3 hours of 58°F cooling relief.

    • CoolPax™ Inserts

      Cool Pax™ can be activated in freezers, fridges, ice water or any other situation where the temperature is below 58°F (14°C). This unique feature means that users can re-activate inserts by simply by placing them in a cooler full of ice - no need for electricity. Compared to water, these packs freeze faster, stay frozen longer, and are lighter.

    • How It Works

      TechKewl™ Phase Change Cooling inserts are activated in ice water or the freezer. They will re-charge in any environment where the temperature is below 58°F (14°C). Simply place them in ice water or the freezer for 45 mins to ensure that they are solid all the way through. Phase Change Material (PCM) releases long-lasting, temperature-specific (58°F, 14°C), cooling relief

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    • Accessories: KewlTowel™

      The KewlTowel™ is designed to keep you cool and refreshed. An activated KewlTowel™ is wiped on exposed skin surfaces to provide a cool and refreshing boost of energy Whether you work outside, ride a motorcycle in hot weather, exercise in the summer heat or are exposed to any warm conditions, the KewlTowel™ is a great way to stay cool and refreshed.

    • Accessories: Sport Caps

      Evaporative Cooling hats have the classic style and fit of regular headwear while offering hours of Active Cooling. HyperKewl™ Inner layer built in to each panel of hat. Provides 5-10 hours of cooling per soak while maintaining form and fit of a regular cap. Ideal for many activities and jobs; key for avoiding Heat Stress.

    • Accessories: Helmet Liner

      Helmet liners provide on the job heat stress management. Hook and loop attaches easily to most hard hats. Provides 5-10 hours of cooling relief per soaking while being lightweight and durable. Comfortable, polyester mesh out with HyperKewl™ fabric inner and water repellent nylon liner.

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