2 Reciprocating Saw Blades for Drywall

Saf-T-Kut ESAFTKUT 2 Reciprocating Saw Blades for Drywall

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• (2) Blades

• Fits any reciprocating saw
• Cuts through drywall and plaster easily
• Saves you money by safely cutting through drywall and plaster without damaging hidden lines within the walls
• Eliminates dust
• Carbide Tipped

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Customer Reviews
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Love It
By Bobby on 11/15/2012
Pros: Works Perfectly
Cons: None
Recommended: Yes
I've got tired of using drywall knives, utility knives, roto-zips, and even multi-tools for cutting out for drywall repairs... Always an issue - hard to get a clean line, or worry about cutting into wires and pipes, too much dust, or hard to control. I came across these blades by accident and at first was a bit hesitant because of the price... I finally took the plunge and have been using them ever since... They are a joy to work with any every aspect... I use them on lath/plaster too w/o problems... The biggest problem is there so small its easy to loose track of them (misplaced 3 blades already)... I use them in my Milwaukee 12v mini saw-zall... I don't worry about wires, dust, or clean cuts anymore...For drwall repair - these are a must...
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This blade saved me! Excellent.
By Todd R. on 06/07/2012
Pros: Cuts just through the drywall with minimal dust.
Cons: The shank was a fraction of an inch too big to fit properly (vertical) in my Makita sawzall.
Recommended: Yes
I love this blade. It just cuts through the sheet rock without scoring the studs or cutting any electrical wires in the wall. I was cutting above a fireplace where I was confident there were no wires. I made my cuts, pulled out the drywall chunk and HOLY COW! Stapled to the stud right behind the sheetrock was a large black electric bundle of wires encased in asbestos. It was almost touching the back of the drywall. The saf-T-kut blade saved me. If I had cut 1/8 of an inch deeper it would have cut into the wire. People told me I could just use a standard short blade and hold my saw at an angle. But I decided to use these blades for peace of mind and boy was it worth it. The only problem I had is the blade shaft is a hair too wide to fit properly (vertical) in my Makita sawzall. It does, however, fit if I put it in diagonally at an angle. Probably not best for the blade, so I need to see if I can file down the shank to fit properly.
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