K-60SP-SE Sectional Machine

Ridgid 66497 K-60SP-SE Sectional Machine

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Part Number: 66497
UPC: 095691664976
Weight: 130.0000
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Ridgid 66497 Specifications:
•  Model #: K-60SP-SE
•  Voltage: 115V

Ridgid 66497 Includes:
•  (1) K-60SP Sectional Machine
•  (1) A-1 Mitt
•  (1) A-12 Pin Key
•  (1) A-60-12 Rear Guide Hose
•  (1) A-61 Tool Kit (includes:
•  (1) T-101 straight auger
•  (1) T-102 funnel auger
•  (1) T-107 spade cutter
•  (1) T-125 retrieving auger
•  (1) T-150-1 sharktooth cutter
•  (1) A-3 tool box
•  (1) A-12 pin key
•  (1) A-62 Cable Kit
•  (1) A-8 cable carrier
•  (5) sections of C-10
•  (1) 7/8" cable
•  (1) 75' total

Ridgid 66497 Features:
•  A compact machine for institutional, commercial or residential cleaning.
•  Also ideal for septic tank, vacuum truck operators. Small enough to fit into cramped spaces, yet powerful enough to clear tough blockages.
•  Ideal for roof-top vent stacks. Rear handle allows for easy transporting up ladders and onto roof tops.
•  Unique, easy-to-use instant-acting cable clutch maximizes operator control. Push handle down and cable spins at 600RPM; Release handle and cable stops instantly, no overrun to kink or damage cable.
•  Simple adjustment knob allows unit to spin both 7/8" and 5/8" diameter cable. Adjusts in seconds. 7/8" cable (C-10) cleans 2" to 4" lines through 150 feet; 5/8" cable (C-7, C-8, C-9) cleans 1-1/4" to 4" lines through 125 feet.
•  Remove only two bolts to access jaw set for cleaning or replacement. Removal of same bolts provides access to belt drive.
•  Equipped with 1/2 HP motor.
Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
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By Rob Bauman on 02/18/2014
Pros: light weight, extreme durability
Cons: who wouldnt like a lower price
Recommended: Yes
these are simply amazing. i borrowed one of these from the owners of the Konteka in White Pine Mi. to clean out our main seweer line from the toilet to the man hole cover across the road from the house. we had started the 9th section of cable to get that far. it is easy to run, easy to wind up the 7/8 cable back on to the A8 cable carrier. this unit was so impressive, i bought one for my work. i am the maintenance supervisor there. we have our own heat treat in house. we have 3 pit furnaces that have 4" burner tubes that are 19' long. they go in from the side of the furnace about 2' and then take a 90 degree bend and go down 7.5' to a 180 degree bend come back up to take another 90 degree bend and exit the furnce wall. these burner tubes over time were getting blockage in them to the point of complete closesure. this consists of carbon build up and metal slag. there is 10 of these burner tubes in each furnace. we thought we would have to purchase about 20 buner tubes at the price of 5,000.00 per burner tube. i then thought of this Ridgid sectional machine that i used at our house. i talked with my boss and he said if i thought that this machine could really get through the tubes, go ahead and get one. i ordered this machine and many different cutters thinking if i could save 1 burner tube the machine would be worth that, almost 3 times over. well, after two weeks of working on these tubes and running the Ridgid sectional machine nearly 8 hrs a day and going through very hard carbon deposits and steel slag we were able to save all 30 tubes. i would think the stress and abuse we put this machine through, would be like a lifetime of a plumbers use. i think i might just buy another one for my personal use, even if i only use it once in a couple of years.
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Critchs Sewer Inspection Service
By Critchs on 06/26/2012
Pros: Light Good Power
Cons: Need to include more cutter heads,Need to offer inner core cable
Recommended: Yes
I am a professional drain cleaner for over 30 years and this is a good machine.I have the k-1500 also and I use this one more because it's so much lighter and easy to get into tight spaces. Some pros prefer drum machines to sectionals because they feel that they aren't as messy, but by taking a few extra minutes to lay a tarp down and bringing a trash bag to drop the cable carrier in it's just as clean as the drum machine. Also just turn on the hot water lav when removing cables and they will come out clean and dry.
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sink argure
By joe on 05/31/2011
Pros: less mess to clean up
Cons: hold water in drum
Recommended: Yes
overall nice machine
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By mike smith on 04/26/2011
Pros: mid range machine
Cons: need stronge cable
Recommended: Yes
good price fast delivery no problem other that " whats up with that mit?" it in the garbage
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Great Machine, so so retail
By Mike on 04/19/2011
Pros: Superior machine, quality made
Cons: toolup dropped the ball
Recommended: Yes
Great design and craftsmanship in a machine and cable (7/8). Extra cutter needed if small roots are your problem. Toolup however, lost the order, but recovered. Can't beat the price, even with the fumble.
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