K-45 Drain Cleaner C-1IC Cable w/Bulb Auger (5/16 x 25') AUTOFEED

Ridgid 35473 K-45 Drain Cleaner C-1IC Cable w/Bulb Auger (5/16" x 25') AUTOFEED

List Price: $371.75
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Part Number: 35473
UPC: 095691354730
Weight: 19.3500
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  • Excellent for small line cleaning.
  • Advanced 2-way AUTOFEED keeps hands and work area clean - advances & retrieves cable with push of a lever.
  • Lightweight, easy-to-use, no setup required.
  • Variable speed power unit rotates cable 0-600 RPMs.
  • Two-piece twist lock canister with interchangeable inner drum.
  • Approved by CSA to CSA and UL Standards
  • Drum Capacity: 50' of 5/16" or 35' of 3/8"
  • 115V
  • Model K-45AF
  • (1) Sink Machine
  • (1) 5/16" x 25' Inner Core Cable with Inner Drum
  • (1) Set of RIDGID Drain Cleaning Gloves
  • (1) Operator's Manual
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Customer Reviews
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Very nice. A lot more power than k39
By [RV]erified User #138791 Steve Windeler on 05/03/2011
Pros: More power, smoother, and faster
Cons: Still doesn't lock properly, GFI plug is annoying
Recommended: Yes
I'm a professional drain cleaner. I'm also a plumber, but I work for Drain Busters so do the math. My boss got mad the first time I bought a rigid, but it's so worth the extra money. It keeps the job much cleaner, and will go through just about any bend, or even double 90s. This is a completely redesigned drill with more power speed, and less kickback than the old one. The auto feed is exactly the same part as the k39 so it still has the same flaws. If it gets stuck out too far I still have to put the spring in an old style gun that screws locked because the lock will slip. I wish there was some way to positively lock it. You need to keep the wheels clean, and greased or they will wear out quickly. I find the auto feed lasts me about 6 months,then I swap the wheels from reverse to forward, and just reverse the drill to back out, but I do abuse it pretty well. The lock only seems to last a couple of months. This is the biggest flaw in the unit, and a few guys I know will not use it because it doesn't lock. The spring is fantastic, but a little short for me. The replacements are really expensive so I usually use a 35' eel cable, and only use the rigid one when I'm having trouble getting through a difficult double bend. The plug is also big and angled so I carry a short extension with it. The GFI can be finicky with basement outlets too. I wasn't sure that it would have the auto feed because their was no picture, and the price is in line with the non auto feed which has the same model number, and also says auto feed because it's an option, so I was pleasantly surprised that it did. Great price on this snake. Costs $100 less than the k39 at Home Depot. Makes your job twice as easy, and believe me customers are impressed when you pull this tool out.
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