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Part Number: 71722 UPC: 0095691717221 Weight: 36.5


Ridgid 71722 Includes:

•  K-40AF Sink Machine

•  AutoFeed

•  Guide Hose

•  Mounting Bracket

•  C-131C SB, 5/16" x 35' Speed Bump Cable with Inner Drum

Ridgid 71722 Features:

•  Dual Feed: Advanced two way feed keeps hands off cable, advances and retrieves with push of a lever.

•  Reduces Job Time by 25%: Guide Hose-AutoFeed completely covers spinning cable. Protects porcelain surfaces and greatly reduces job site clean up.

•  Dual Position: The K-40 sits flat on the floor, countertop, or tips onto its back for easy access to elevated drains.

•  Quiet and Powerful: 1/8 HP induction motor quietly delivers enough torque to clear even the toughest blockages.

•  Premium quality, compression wound inner core cable: Resists kinking and combines strength and flexibility.

•  Two-piece “twist lock” drum housing: Allows easy access to the inner drum and cable and will not dent or corrode.

The K-40 Dual Feed Sink Machine provides the professional with a powerful yet compact machine for cleaning small secondary drain lines from 3/4" to 2-1/2". When used with the dual feed your hands literally never need to touch the cable, and THERE IS NO MESS.

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