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Part Number: 193157-5 UPC: 088381153492 Weight: 1.5


Makita 1931575 Specifications:

• Voltage 12V

• Amp Hours 2.6

• Type Ni-MH Pod Style

• Model No. 1234

Makita 1931575 Features:

For use with the following Makita products: 1050D, 1050DWD, 4013D, 4191D, 4331D, 4331DWD, 4331DWDE, 5093D, 5093DWD, 6213D, 6213DWBE, 6213DWBLE, 6216DWDE, 6217D, 6217DWDE, 6217DWDLE, 6223D, 6227D, 6227DWBE, 6313D, 6313DWBE, 6314DWBE, 6316D, 6316DWB, 6316DWBE, 6317D, 6317DWDE, 6317DWDRE, 6317DWFE, 6319D, 6319DWFE, 6835D, 6835DWB, 6835DWD, 6914D, 6914DWDE, 6916D, 6916DWDE, 6916FDWDE, 6916FDWDE1, 6917D, 6917DWDE, 6917FDWDE, 6918D, 6918DWD, 6918DWDE, 6918DWF, 6918DWFE, 6918FDWDE, 6980FD, 6980FDWDE, 8413D, 8413DWDE, 8413DWFE, 8414DWFE, DA312D, DA312DWD, DA312DWF, ML120, ML121, ML122, ML123, ML123, ML124, UB120D, UB120DWB, UB121D, UC120D, UC120DWD, UC170D, UC170DWD, VR250D, VR251D, VR251DWDE

• Charges with Makita DC1804, DC24SA, DC1822, DC1439 chargers, sold separately

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