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It’s an Igloo cooler! Igloo products have been employer’s top choice for hydration and cold retention needs for over 62 years. Whether it’s the iconic red & yellow beverage cooler on the bed of a truck, an Igloo Playmate in the hands of a medical professional, or a turf green water cooler on the fairway of a golf course, Igloo coolers are there with you and your workforce to get the job done. This year Igloo Corp. has taken the signature red & yellow water cooler a step beyond extraordinary and created the NEW Igloo Heat Stress Solution water coolers. The new Heat Stress Solution cooler is not only the delivery vehicle for the cool, refreshing water, it is also a “billboard” to remind workers of the other necessary steps. Printed in bright red lettering in both English and Spanish, the 5 and 10 gallon Heat Stress beverage coolers briefly outline the necessary steps to help prevent heat illness, including Drink Cool Water Frequently, Rest in the Shade, Wear Proper Clothing, Watch for Symptoms of Heat Stress, and Know Your Emergency Procedures. No matter what line of business you’re in, Igloo is proud to be a part of your workday.

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