1 lb brush top Copper-Graphite Anti-Sieze Compound

Anti Seize 11018 1 lb brush top Copper-Graphite Anti-Sieze Compound

Part Number: 11018
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Anti Seize 11018 Features:
• Cop-Graf is a top-quality anti-seize compound composed of pure copper and graphite in a high-heat-resistant carrier.
• It is designed to lubricate and protect threaded connections and flanges at temperatures to 1,800ºF (982ºC) and under extreme load pressure conditions.
• Cop-Graf has water-resistant and anti-oxidant properties that resist seizing and galling while protecting against rust and corrosion.
• Cop-Graf does not separate.
• It is non-dripping, non-hardening, permits easy disassembly and removal of connection even after lengthy service or severe conditions.
• Stress, strain, and time to disassemble are greatly diminished.
• Exceeds MIL-A-907 specifications.
• Protects against rust and corrosion
• Reduces friction
• Speeds assembly and disassembly
• Resists seizing, galling, and cold welding
• Retards galvanic action between dissimilar metals
• Resists salt water corrosion
• Compatible with all types of metals/most plastics
• Non-hardening and non-dripping

Anti Seize 11018 Includes:
• (1) 1 lb brush top Copper-Graphite Anti-Sieze Compound

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