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Zircon 62353 Specifications:

•  Dimensions: 6.38" H x 3.07" W x 1.34" D

•  Battery type: 9-V (included)

Position Accuracy:

•  Wood Studs: StudScan Mode: Typically within 1/8" using dual scan and mark procedure

•  Deep Scan Mode: Typically within 3/16" using dual scan and mark procedure

Metal Studs:Typically within 1/2" using dual scan and mark procedure

•  Depth: Typically up to 3/4" in StudScan mode, 1 1/2" in DeepScan mode

•  AC position accuracy: Typically 90-250V at 50-60 Hz within 6 inches of hot unshielded wire

•  AC sensing depth: In typical drywall with Romex wiring, wires can be detected up to 2 inches deep

•  NOTE: Sensing depth and edge detection can vary due to moisture content of materials, wall texture, paint, etc.

•  Operating temperature: 20° to 120°F

•  Storage temperature: -20° to 150°F

•  Humidity: 80% RH (non-condensing)

•  Water resistance: Splash and water resistant, not waterproof

Zircon 62353 Includes:

• (1)MultiScanner Pro SL

Zircon 62353 Features:

•  A 4-mode switch provides instant access to all functions.

•  A wide LCD array indicates an approaching stud.

•  A full LCD arrow, audio tone, and SpotLite pointing system alert users when stud edges are located.

•  StudScan finds metal or wood studs and joists up to 3/4 inch deep.

•  DeepScan mode doubles the scanning depth to 1 1/2 inches.

•  Metal mode detects metal studs plus copper, aluminum and iron pipe up to 1 1/2 inches deep, and rebar in concrete up to 3 inches deep.

•  AC Scan finds and traces live electrical wire up to 2 inches deep.

•  Patented SpotLite pointing system and audio alert identify targets instantly.

•  In wood or metal modes, WireWarning Alert identifies the presence of hot electrical wiring.

•  Patented TruCal technology calibrates to any wall's density and a green LED TruCal® light alerts the user when the tool is calibrated and ready to scan.

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