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Zircon 61902 Specifications:

•  Dimensions: 6.07" H x 2.7" W x 1.18" D

•  Battery type: 9-V (included)

•  Estimated battery life: 1 year at 10 minutes/day with alkaline battery

•  Wood stud position accuracy: Typically within 1/8" using dual scan and mark procedure, 3/16" in DeepScan mode

•  Metal stud position accuracy: Typically within 1/2" using dual scan and mark procedure

•  Depth: Typically up to 3/4" in StudScan mode, 1 1/2" in DeepScan mode

•  AC position accuracy: Typically 90-250V at 50-60 Hz within 6 inches of hot unshielded wire

•  AC sensing depth: In typical drywall with Romex wiring, wires can be detected up to 3 inches deep

•  NOTE: Sensing depth and edge detection can vary due to moisture content of materials, wall texture, paint, etc.

•  Operating temperature: 20° to 120°F

•  Storage temperature: -20° to 150°F

•  Humidity: 80% RH (non-condensing)

•  Water resistance: Splash and water resistant, not waterproof


•  Installing plasma and LCD mounts

•  Installing wall or ceiling mounted projection screens

•  Hanging pictures and mirrors

•  Installing plant hangers, pot racks, etc.

•  Installing cabinets and shelves

•  Installing ceiling fans

Zircon 61902 Features:

•  Finds both wood and metal studs

•  Select between 3/4" scan depth and patented 1 1/2" DeepScan mode

•  Patented SpotLite Pointing System, audio signal, and LEDs indicate stud edges

•  Patented TruCal instant calibration

•  Recessed LEDs for durability

•  WireWarning® lets you know you're working safe

•  Continuously detects and warns of hot AC wires

•  Detects the presence of unshielded, hot AC wires in all modes for safety

•  Locates standard household 120/240V AC wiring

•  Find wires in plastic conduit or Romex cable

•  Exclusive SpotLite® Pointing System shines a bright beam of light over stud edges

•  New updated industrial design

•  Made tough to withstand daily jobsite use

•  Non-marring wall pads

•  9V battery included

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