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Zircon 58594 Specifications:

•  Scan Depth: (In.)6

•  Scans: Concrete & Most Non-Metallic Construction Materials

Zircon 58594 Includes:

• (1) MT6 Electronic Metal Locator

Zircon 58594 Features:

•  The Zircon 58594 Electronic Deep-Scanning Metal Locator finds rebar and other metal through solid concrete or other nonmetallic surfaces up to 6 inches deep.

•  The oversized LCD screen pinpoints both location and depth to the nearest 1/2 inch. The 58594 automatically differentiates between steel and copper (or any magnetic or nonmagnetic metal) and the audio can be turned on or off.

Common applications for MT 6 are:

•  Find metal in concrete before coring.

•  Find metal studs.

•  Find conduit.

•  Find copper piping.

•  Find electrical lines.

•  Find rebar.

•  Find telephone lines.

•  Find cable lines.

•  Find metal electrical boxes.

•  Find inner wall exhaust vents.

•  Find inner wall ducting.

•  Security searches.

•  Medical metal detection.

•  Find nails in studs on lath & plaster walls.

•  Scan for nails in used lumber.

•  Scan trees before milling.

•  Differentiate between wood and metal studs.

•  Find survey markers.

•  Trace metallic sprinkler pipes.

•  Locate metal on archaeological digs.

•  Find termite traps and sprinkler boxes (tagged with metal).

•  Trace underground wiring.

•  Find tension cables before drilling/cutting.

•  Find metal radiant heating pipes and cables.

•  Find metal plumbing pipes in concrete/dirt.

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