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Part Number: SC2 UPC: 641877304428 Weight: 2



• Compatible with SLP or Kit 20 poles


• One year warranty

• Meets strict ANSI certification for quality

Each ZipWall® Side Clamp package (SC2) contains 2 Side Clamps. They are used with Foam Rails and all ZipWall poles to provide improved dust tight seal along the wall without tape, staples or furring strips. No tape, no dust, no damage. Squeeze and open the jaws of the Side Clamp until they open and attach a Foam Rail at the center. Now, place the assembly between the last pole in the barrier and the wall. Release the tension in the Side Clamp and it pushes the plastic sheeting to the wall. Side Clamp/Foam Rail assemblies can be overlapped to provide a continuous seal from floor to ceiling. When you need the barrier tightly sealed, or if your dust barrier is going to be up for an extended period of time, Side Clamp/Foam Rail assemblies are the way to go. As an alternative, consider the Side Pack kit (SDPK). It comes with 6 Side Clamps, six 3-foot foam rails, and a custom Carry Bag.

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