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Part Number: FR2 UPC: 641877304022 Weight: 3



• Compatible with SLP or Kit 20 poles


• One year warranty

• Meets strict ANSI certification for quality

Each ZipWall® Foam Rail 2-pack (FR2) package contains two 5-foot Foam Rails and two T-clip adaptors. Use Foam Rails for extra dust containment by providing a continuous seal along the entire ceiling. Designed to fit all ZipWall poles, Foam Rails press the sheeting tight to the ceiling. No tape, staples or furring strips are needed, so there is no damage to repair.

Start by removing the head assembly from the SLP pole. Next, attach the T-Clip adaptor to the Foam Rail, then snap the Foam Rail on to the ball joint. Now raise the Foam Rail to push the plastic sheeting against the ceiling. Repeat this with additional Foam Rails and poles, making sure to overlap them slightly to create a continuous seal along the ceiling. Foam Rails are also ideal for dropped ceilings. Simply press them against the grid and follow it until the area is contained.

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