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Part Number: AZ2 UPC: 641877309089 Weight: 1



• Create worksite access easily; use 1 zipper for a simple door; use 2 zippers for a wide door

• Ideal for indoor use where temperatures don’t go below 55 degrees Fahrenheit


• Meets strict ANSI certification for quality

Each ZipWall® Standard Zipper 2-Pack contains 2 self-adhesive zippers. The ZipWall® Standard Zipper provides easy access to the worksite. Use one zipper for a simple doorway or place 2 zippers side by side to create a wide roll-up doorway that makes it easy to move tools and building materials in and out of the worksite. The Standard Zipper is ideal for temporary interior dust barriers where temperatures don’t go below 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

To install the Standard Zipper, unroll it and determine its placement. Be sure the pull is at the floor and that the end of the zipper is below where the plastic bends at the floor. Then, starting at the top, peel the backing off the zipper and press it firmly onto the sheeting. Next, open the zipper, making sure to keep the adhesive in contact with the plastic. With a razor knife, cut the opening using the teeth as a guide. Now, with the zipper open, use your thumb and fore finger to press the plastic and the zipper together for a solid bond. Note: The ZipWall Heavy Duty Zipper Knife will not work with the Standard Zipper.

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