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This versatile, DC-powered manual tilter features a dual vacuum system

•and can be configured up to 178-3/4" [4539 mm] in length to lift

•long cladding materials weighing up to 700 lbs [320 kg].

•Standard Vacuum Pad Spread:

•Minimum Width - 23" [583 mm]

•Maximum Width - 39" [988 mm]

•Minimum Length - 23" [582 mm]

•Maximum Length - 178-3/4" [4539 mm]

• (see Spec Sheet for configuration details)

•Number / Size of Vacuum Pads:

•4 - 8 (variable) / 10" [25 cm] dia. lipped vacuum pads

• (see Spec Sheet for configuration details)

•Maximum Load Capacity*:

•600 - 700 lbs [270 - 320 kg] (variable)

• (see Spec Sheet for configuration details)

•(*on relatively smooth, nonporous surfaces.

• Please contact us for recommendations on other surfaces.)

•Weight of Vacuum Lifter:

•360 lbs [164 kg] (maximum)

•(245 lbs [112 kg] without pad frame extensions)

•Standard Operating Power:

•12 volts DC, 26 amps

•Load Movement:

•Manual tilt, 90° between upright and flat, with hydraulic damping and

• automatic latching in the upright and flat positions (when desired)

•Standard Features:

•Dual vacuum system

•Movable control pendant

•Low vacuum warning buzzer

•Green lift light

•On-board battery and charger

•Battery energy gauge

•Vacuum gauges

•Vacuum line filters

•Vacuum reserve tanks

•Spring-mounted vacuum pads

•Pad frame extensions

•(Re)movable vacuum pad mounts

•Closed cell foam vacuum pad rings

•Available Options:

•Remote control system (EO8RC3)

•Load strap attachment point (CF12ASO)

•Mounts with 6-1/2" x 25-1/2" [17 cm x 65 cm] foam pads (VIFS625)

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