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This Powr-Grip® vacuum lifter features our innovative Quadra-Tilt linkage,

•which automatically maintains the load position without using latches

•and reduces hazards of lifting loads from upright racks.

•MTA2HV11AC Vacuum Lifter shown with optional Vacuum Loss Warning Buzzer.

•The Quadra-Tilt Vacuum Lifters feature an innovative four-bar tilt mechanism that significantly reduces the effort of tilting loads between flat and upright positions. This tilt mechanism also reduces hazards associated with lifting loads from upright racks: When a load is tilted to either the upright or the flat position, the vacuum lifter maintains the load position automatically without using latches, eliminating the tendency for a load to "kick back" at the operator's knees.

•Standard Vacuum Pad Spread:

•11" x 24" [279 x 610 mm]

•Number / Size of Vacuum Pads:

•2 / 10" [25 cm] dia. lipped vacuum pads

•Load Capacity:

•300 lbs [135 kg] (On smooth, nonporous surfaces.

• Please contact us for recommendations on other surfaces.)

•Weight of Vacuum Lifter:

•45 lbs [21 kg]

•Standard Operating Power:

•120 volts AC, 60 hertz, 3 amps

• (240 volts AC, 50/60 hertz, 2 amps also available)

•Apply / Release Times:

•4 seconds / 3 seconds (approx)

•Load Movement:

•Assisted manual tilt, 90° between upright and flat

•Standard Features:

•Vacuum gauge

•Vacuum line filter

•Twist-lock electrical plug

•Multiple handles for easy load positioning

•Blow-off for quick release

•Alternative Power Systems:

•DC power system (MTA2HV11DCS)

•Air (venturi) power system (MTA2HV11AIR)

•(Specifications may not be as listed above. Please contact us for more information.)

•Available Options:

•G-ForceTM hoist control (IHO1GF)

•Vacuum loss warning buzzer (EO3VLW)

•Closed cell foam vacuum pad rings (FRHV11)

•Voltage adaptation (EO6VA)

•Alternative vacuum pad frame dimensions and capacities

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