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Part Number: 96640 UPC: 718127966405 Weight: 23



a DOLLY to easily transport and position heavy doors, counter tops and stone slabs

•a JACK to lift and hold doors in position during installation

•a VISE to hold doors horizontal for fabrication and repairs


•6" [153 mm] wide x 20" [508 mm] long x 19" [483 mm] high

•Load Capacity:

•300 lbs [135 kg]

•Unit Weight:

•14 lbs [7 kg]

•Standard Features:

•Adjustable height, locking casters

•Support caster accessory

•Hinge lifter

•Remove and transport doors with ease!

•Slip DoorJack onto the door, tighten the channel clamps and position the height adjustment casters. Release the hinging and the door stands erect! Tip the door back and DoorJack is a stable dolly for moving the door from one place to another!

•Repair and fabricate with DoorJack!

•Attach the support caster accessory near the top of the door and tip the door back until the caster rests on the floor. DoorJack is now a rolling cart or a stable support, at a convenient height, for repairs or fabrication!

•Install a door!

•With DoorJack clamped on, tip the door upright and roll it into place. Slip the Hinge Lifter under the hinge side to set height. The strike side is preset if the door was removed as above. If not, simply position the height adjustment casters to level the door and align the hinges.

•Many other uses!

•Use DoorJack to transport counter tops, stone slabs, office partitions, multiple sheets of plywood or nearly any other sheet material up to 300 lbs [135 kg], in widths between 1/2" and 2" [13-50 mm].

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