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The Dual Vacuum System is available for many of Powr-Grip's® below-the-hook vacuum lifters that are equipped with a DC-powered vacuum system. It features two vacuum line circuits, which allow the lifter to maintain the vacuum level for one circuit even if an unexpected vacuum loss occurs in the other one. This option is designed to reduce the risk of falling loads, which could result from breakage or other accidents that compromise one area of the vacuum system. If the vacuum lifter were to experience a leak in one vacuum circuit, vacuum pads in the second circuit would continue to grip the load until it could be lowered safely to the ground. In addition, the Dual Vacuum System features audible and visible alarms that warn the operator whenever the vacuum level is not sufficient for lifting the maximum load weight. Although the Dual Vacuum System was originally designed to comply with the European safety standard EN 13155, it provides additional security in any setting where this is desired.

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