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Part Number: 95725 UPC: 718127957251 Weight: 2.5



This option is available for Powr-Grip's® below-the-hook vacuum lifters that come standard with extension arms, including MRT4-DC Vacuum Lifters and MRTA8-DC Vacuum Lifters. Extension arms consist of specially designed tubes that support the vacuum pads, which can be installed on the vacuum lifter's pad frame or removed in moments. By changing the overall pad spread, extension arms enable a single vacuum lifter to handle a wide variety of load dimensions. When load dimensions are extremely large, Long Extension Arms can be substituted for standard extension arms. In this way, the vacuum lifter is able to provide the necessary support and rigidity to handle large-dimension loads with little risk of breakage to the overhanging portion. However, this increase in dimensional capacity is accompanied by a decrease in the maximum load capacity for the vacuum lifter. Please contact a Technical Sales Representative for more product information.

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